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A Breath Of Fresh Air

Until recently, NZ On Air and the Broadcasting Standards Authority shared a too-large space with a potentially shaky future. Now, with their move to newly refurbished premises, the two agencies are working closer together than ever.

The project involved refurbishment and relocation: moving 25 staff members from both NZ on Air and the BSA across the Southern Wellington CBD to modernised accommodation at Ghuznee Street. Both agencies were previously housed in a building with an uncertain seismic performance, compounded by the fact that the décor and furniture hadn’t been significantly updated since the late 1980s.

By contrast, the new accommodation has good seismic performance and has received seismic strengthening works in tandem with the refurbishment. In addition, the New Zealand Film Commission – an organisation that shares synergies with the two agencies – was already housed in the Ghuznee Street building.

In keeping with the creative industries the agencies inhabit, the refurbishment incorporates edgy industrial textures, such as exposed concrete surfaces, contrasted with sleek, modern expanses of glass. Visible services are artfully arranged to please the eye, while reducing potential injury from earthquakes. Despite an impression of premium quality, these design details achieved specific cost efficiencies too.

Super-efficient LED lights were incorporated to reduce power consumption while still providing good task lighting. Opening, double-glazed windows replaced degrading steel-frames – allowing a high standard of thermal performance, while providing fresh air when it’s needed.

The new accommodation ensures NZ on Air and BSA meet government requirements for space usage, with the ability to share zones through a modern, mostly open plan working environment. This creates further efficiencies between the two organisations, which experience daily crossover. Hotdesking helps part time staff and contractors to easily integrate with the organisations.

In the open plan space, carpets are colour coded to define NZ On Air, BSA and shared zones including a reception area and a boardroom, in addition to a kitchen and bathrooms. The office previously housed DB Breweries, complete with a bar, which, due to restraints in government policy, was sold prior to the renovation works.

As well as project managing the refurbishment, RDT Pacific’s Anita Radcliffe managed the move. Staff from both organisations had to be in before the 31st of July, and due to successful planning and coordination of services, this was achieved seamlessly over a weekend.

NZ On Air CFO Alan Shaw voiced his appreciation for a smooth transition into an improved working environment. “We were pleased to have had RDT Pacific recommended to us by the Government’s Property Management Centre of Expertise. Although we are a small organisation, and were moving to relatively small premises within a tight budget, RDT Pacific afforded us a high level of service at all times. Their expertise and guidance gave great comfort that the decisions being made were done so while considering the right things. Considerate, convivial or coercive depending on circumstances and audience, it was comforting to have that level of expertise and support available at all times.”