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A Move For Good

RDT Pacific is proud to sponsor KidsCan, for the incredible work the children’s charity does each year. So when KidsCan outgrew its previous premises, we were honoured to be able to step up, and help them make the move.

KidsCan was founded in 2005 and today supports the education of thousands of disadvantaged New Zealand children, across more than 430 schools. The charity provides more than 32,000 meals each week for children with food insecurity, and runs programmes that provide the basics directly to children in need in partnership with their schools.

Split over two levels in their existing building, the team often felt disconnected from each other. This disconnection was not due to an excess of space either. Volunteers had to pack items for distribution in a tiny corner of the warehouse and pallets had to be stacked in the driveway, blocking staff and visitors from parking. Often early in the evening a truck would arrive for packing and then it would take the pallets away to be distributed, which meant staff worked late into the evening on distribution days.

New premises were found in Beatrice Tinsley Crescent. The initial role played by RDT Pacific was one of consultation. This entailed providing sound advice, and pricing the move. Susan Mott, Personal Assistant to CEO Julie Chapman at KidsCan remarks “We had an initial meeting with RDT Pacific, to ask for help. RDT Pacific said they would help us at no cost, which was amazing.”

RDT Pacific Project Manager Liam Joyce was assigned to the project, and held regular meetings with Brett Baker and Susan, about the stages that things needed to happen. Liam met with the KidsCan team regularly to ensure everything was tracking smoothly. “I really enjoyed working on the project,” says Liam. “The team at KidsCan is friendly and totally approachable. Plus it felt good to be able to contribute to the work KidsCan does taking care of Kiwi kids.”

Susan was equally impressed at the way the project progressed. “RDT Pacific eliminated the stress for us completely. Liam managed everything. For me, because I didn’t know a lot about building, Liam took control of the project, and let me know what I had to do and when. It made my job so much easier: Liam simply managed it and made it happen. He took what stress there could have been, and removed it. Every time a hurdle came along, he fixed it and let me know the outcome, everything was done promptly.” Not only did he manage the project, but Liam also sourced contractors (Lanta and Dickson Gray) who generously volunteered their time.

Susan remarks of the new premises, “It’s such a difference. A couple of staff have come to me and said ‘I just didn’t realise how much easier it was going to be.’ Thanks to Liam’s advice, we were able to push through a wall and make our office open plan. With that has come more collaboration, and this has been great for new staff, coming into an atmosphere where the whole team is working together on one level.”

The charity is now in a road frontage property, on a byroad. No longer a hindrance to neighbours, trucks have clear access and the fork hoist can manoeuvre around the trucks. Staff don’t have to work so long at distribution time, as trucks can enter the property during the day. The charity can also carry stock on site for its programmes, in particular raincoats and shoes. Says Susan, “The building has plenty of space to accommodate us as we continue to grow our programmes.”