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KidsCan: help where it’s needed

As a proud, long-term supporter of the homegrown charity KidsCan, we are always thrilled to hear how our support is helping disadvantaged Kiwis kids. Here’s some of the feedback we recently received from students and staff at the schools KidsCan helps across New Zealand.

Dear KidsCan,
Bankwood School would like to thank you and your sponsors for the support you provided for our children and their families in 2015. Our families work hard to provide the very best they can for their children, however, at times many of them struggle to make ends meet. What wonderful smiles the raincoats put onto the faces of our children.They were so excited! Our seniors were the first to receive theirs so they could be used for taking to school camp and Arbour day planting. For some children having a raincoat has meant they attend school when the weather is wet. This is hugely positive. We look forward to our continued partnership with you for 2016.
Once again a huge thank you from all of us here at Bankwood School.
Jenny Stuckey
Deputy Principal

Dear KidsCan,
Bula, my name is Anton and I am a student at St John the Evangelist School. What I do in class is writing, reading, PE and art. I’m six years old. Thank you for the free shoes and socks because I can run in them. It makes me happy. Thank you for the breakfast too. It makes me learn.

Dear Supporters,
On behalf of our school, families and whanau, we thank you very much for the support you provide to the KidsCan Trust by supplying products which are invaluable towards our children being happy, healthy and ready to learn.
The programmes run by KidsCan are a tremendous help, enabling us to provide children with food, warm coats, and ‘good health’ related items which provide children with a good stable start to their school day.
Without your amazing support these programmes would not be possible and we all appreciate everyone’s input to making a difference.
Wairakei Primary School

Dear KidsCan,
Thank you for the clothes, shoes, sanitiser and food you have given to us. We need it all because if we get germs or have no food or get cold or have no shoes we will get sick and have to stay home. If we stay home we won’t be able to come to school to learn. So thanks for your support, we really appreciate it.
Kind regards,
Glendene School, Room 6

About KidsCan
Not all kids have the same start in life. The KidsCan Charitable Trust was founded in 2005 on the belief that education equals opportunity, and every child, regardless of their social economic background, should have an equal chance. KidsCan partners with low decile schools all over New Zealand to provide Kiwi kids with the basics. If you or your workplace would like to support this great cause, head to KidsCan to donate.