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RDT Pacific is proud to project manage the build of a new, purpose-built HQ and food distribution centre for food rescue not-for-profit KiwiHarvest, on land generously supplied by its foundation partner Goodman NZ.

KiwiHarvest’s deliveries provide charities with fresh food for people in need, while collaborating with local businesses to eradicate food waste. This lets charities redirect vital funds into education, rehabilitation and other empowering programmes.

At least 70% of KiwiHarvest’s food donations are fresh fruit and vegetables. Since moving into the temporary warehouse and office space, within the first week KiwiHarvest had distributed five tonnes of export quality kiwifruit within four days to 33 charities. With new food donors signing up, the organisation is redistributing an even greater volume of food which is set to continue to flow when it moves into its Container HQ on Auckland’s Great South Road.

Since its beginnings in March 2015 with one refrigerated van, KiwiHarvest has prevented more than 140 tonnes of good food from going to landfill, while delivering more than 400,000 meals to charities across Auckland. KiwiHarvest now has a second van on the road, doubling its capacity to deliver food where it’s needed most.

The Goodman Foundation is the founding supporter of KiwiHarvest – enabling the organisation to help feed some of New Zealand’s most impoverished communities, connect people through shared meals and cooking, improve dietary health and reduce food waste. Having the support of the Goodman Foundation and its project partners like RDT Pacific means KiwiHarvest can grow to meet increasing need, expand its positive impact and plan for the future.

If you would like to support the great work that KiwiHarvest is doing, donate here.

“You blow me away! Thank you all for spreading the word of the work that we are doing – and yes – we can only do it through the incredible support that we have from Goodman and the growing network of those who share our vision. Sebastien and the crew at RDT Pacific, we are so grateful that you said ‘Yes!’. Your valued time and expertise committed to our new Container HQ will send our impact curves skyward.”

Maria Madill, Manager, KiwiHarvest