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94-96 Queen Street

  • Completion:
    November 2017
  • Value:
  • Client:
    Asean Properties

RDT Pacific project managed the seismic upgrade and fitout for this heritage property located at 94-96 Queen Street that allowed the property to achieve full capacity and achieve a great investment return.

This redevelopment was conducted with such care and that externally there is no visible trace of the building having being seismically upgraded.

The project consisted of redeveloping the historical clay brick Un-Reinforced Masonry (URM) building into a four-storey mixed-use building. The client’s brief included an additional lightweight top storey, and a structure which was future-proofed to allow for future vertical expansion. The existing façade and perimeter walls were retained to keep the character of the existing building, and a ‘new building’ constructed within the envelope to improve the usability of the space.

At all stages of design retaining heritage features and the historical character of the building was paramount

Use of a 3D scan survey allowed for a level of understanding about the interaction between the new and existing structure. The 3D point cloud was used extensively to aid the structural design and thus the final usable internal space and also allowed early detection of some of the challenges that would be faced during construction.