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Alpine Energy Head Office

  • Completion:
    December 2017
  • Value:
  • Client:
    Alpine Energy

This purpose-built facility has been designed as a quality, energy efficient office building with superior seismic performance. It marks a significant investment for Alpine Energy and the start of a new and modern way of working.

The building’s key features, include its ‘welcoming entrance hall, room for community meetings and eco-friendly build standards, were impressive and provide every reason for Timaru to be proud.

Alpine House was designed, and purpose built as a functional and flexible space for the team. It was planned and built over an 18-month period, meeting and in most cases exceeding seismic and energy efficiency requirements, with high ceilings and open spaces providing the flexibility for the future but also add a volume of space to promote discussion and connectivity.

The project team has done a remarkable job factoring in some very specific technical requirements, while creating a welcoming feel through use of open, shared space and ergonomics, ensuring our staff work in a comfortable, efficient environment.

The $12m building was completed on budget and to specific time requirements, to a Level 4 seismic resilience, standards reserved for critical post disaster infrastructure.