Anticipate Manage Deliver
Acquiring, developing and owning property assets is a complex business. We take care of all the details so that our clients can focus on improving their organisations.


We design a rigorous programme, including team roles and responsibilities, identifying efficiencies and savings, risk and opportunities. Highly skilled adaptable project delivery teams bring finely tuned techniques and processes to manage and coordinate the most complex, multi-faceted projects.

+ Project Management

Each project team is carefully selected to plan, lead and coordinate a project from inception to completion, focused on meeting rigorous demands for function, time, budget and quality, and delivering optimum benefits from your property.

Whatever your sector or project size, our proactive approach will encourage open communication, anticipate and resolve potential issues, provide practical solutions, ensure cost compliance and deliver to your business case.

This end-to-end service can be applied across the construction spectrum – from refurbishments and seismic upgrades, to major infrastructure projects or landmark buildings, through to total reconfiguration of your property asset portfolio.

  • Project initiation
  • Comprehensive project briefing
  • Scoping and appointment of consultancy services
  • Robust budget and cost management
  • Selection of appropriate procurement and contractual procedures
  • Identification of most appropriate contractors, sub-contractors, specialists and suppliers
  • Planning total project timelines and managing progress to ensure milestones are achieved
  • Incorporation of sustainable design features
  • Administration of owner/designer and owner/contractor contracts
  • Health & Safety and Quality Management
  • Project completion and commissioning

+ Cost Management / Quantity Surveying

We assess, monitor and manage project and lifecycle costs, to establish a project’s financial viability and provide our clients with greater cost certainty.

Our Service

  • Financial risk establishment
  • Preparing options and alternatives for evaluation
  • Establishing a platform for decision making and the monitoring of design and construction
  • Feasibility studies
  • Indicative estimates to establish project budget
  • Concept Design estimates, options and alternatives
  • Preliminary Design estimates
  • Project cost plans
  • Cashflow predictions
  • Developed Design estimates
  • Detailed Design cost management
  • Contractual advice
  • Tender documentation, analysis and negotiation
  • Schedules of quantities
  • Construction contract cost management
  • Regular financial reporting
  • Finalisation of accounts

+ Procurement & Contracting Strategies

We’ll recommend the optimal procurement methods and tailor these to suit your specific risk profile, reducing exposure to risk and potential disputes. We prepare the contract to suit the project.


    • Understanding of roles and responsibilities of project participants
    • Appropriate risk allocation and risk management procedures
    • Removal of exposure to inappropriate contracts
    • Reduction of disputes
      • Our Service

        • Project criteria and constraints review
        • Procurement method selection
        • Determination of roles and selection of consultants
        • Contractual risk identification, analysis and allocation
        • Development of conditions of contract
        • Risk management procedure development
        • Management of legal sign-off process
        • Dispute resolution including arbitration, mediation, preparation and analysis of claims
        • Expert witness advice
        • Independent peer review report

+ Partnering Facilitation

Effective partnering improves working relationships among project stakeholders, to harness their collective efforts, fostering collaboration and eliminating confrontation.

First we help parties examine the total system and generate a partnering charter which defines the vision, values and mutual goals. We share tools to improve communication and coordination, and address formal problem solving and dispute avoidance throughout the project.

In our experience, partnering leads to:

  • Greater returns on investments
  • More effective use of everyone’s time
  • Reduced exposure to litigation
  • Reduction in stakeholder costs
  • Improved project quality
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Open flow of information
  • Greater innovation
  • Increased openness and trust

+ Sustainability

We help clients to realise the advantages in providing green base buildings and fitouts, as well as the increasing demand for these spaces. As project managers from diverse backgrounds including architecture, building science, contracting, engineering and quantity surveying, we can assess and advise on environmentally sustainable design from all perspectives.

Environmentally sustainable buildings that use space, resources and energy effectively, repay their investment through many short- and long-term benefits:

  • Lower utility and other operating costs
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Compliance with government regulations
  • Added value to properties
  • Alignment with CSR goals
  • Positive impact on staff attraction and retention
  • RDT Pacific is a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) and our senior consultants include Green Star New Zealand Accredited Professionals. So we are well placed to implement projects that aim for a Green Star Rating.

+ Value Management / Workshop Facilitation

This is a structured, systematic search for value improvement within projects, processes, or service delivery systems to improve value and solve problems in line with your objectives. Benefits include capital cost savings, the best project team for the job, clearer decision making and better function for your budget.

Ours is a system-wide approach to assessing the relationship between activities, their cost, and their worth. This lets us explore different methods of achieving the outcomes that improve value.

RDT Pacific works with organisations from both the private and public sector, with our workshop facilitators qualified to practice the joint Australian and New Zealand Standard for Value Management.

Our Value Management and Workshop Facilitation services support:

  • Average capital cost savings of 14% (NSW Government research)
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic asset planning
  • Brief definition and clarification
  • Design testing and ratification
  • Value enhancement
  • Partnering / strategic alliances
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Post occupancy evaluation

+ Project Auditing & Client Representation

Independent monitoring and reporting on the performance of a project in line with your specific needs, ensures that construction work complies with contractual requirements and identifies deviations in progress, quality and design.

This service gives you a clear view of financial arrangements and identifies the balance of funds remaining to complete the project at any stage, in accordance with the original contract.

    Our Service

    • Review of brief
    • Procurement analysis
    • Evaluation of project proposal
    • Examination and analysis of contract documents
    • Construction process monitoring
    • Negotiating any alterations to project package
    • Financial monitoring
    • Quality auditing
    • Process auditing
    • Completion certification and handover
    • Project completion review