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Acquiring, developing and owning property assets is a complex business. We take care of all the details so that our clients can focus on improving their organisations.


Once your build, refurbishment or renovation is complete, we can continue working with you to ensure the property is protected and performing in accordance with your business objectives.

+ Replacement Cost Insurance Valuations

The replacement cost is the framework for evaluating how much to insure your building for. We can ensure your insurance premium is based on an accurate replacement cost insurance valuation, so you avoid over- or under-insuring the property. This means you are always paying the correct premiums and you’re well covered if and when you need to make a claim.

+ Tax Depreciation Apportionment

This involves dissecting the building’s components into IRD approved categories, to maximise tax savings and free up capital for more productive uses. This involves breaking down the purchase price into applicable cost elements and applying the maximum allowable depreciation rates. We also provide a summary of depreciation allowances in a format compatible with your accounting software.

+ Maintenance Planning

We can help you manage your property’s lifecycle from procurement to disposal, maximising return on investment by optimising its cost and performance value, while meeting statutory obligations. In our experience this service results in a number of key benefits:

  • Effective use of the supply management chain
  • Maintenance plans appropriate to your needs
  • Efficient costing of operating activities
  • Accurate reporting and appropriate financial control
  • Allows statutory obligations to be met and integrated into the management system

Our Service

  • Agreement of appropriate cost-effective service standards
  • Design and development of maintenance plans based on condition assessment and projected lifecycle processes
  • Preparation of reliable maintenance budgets for short, medium and long-term planning
  • Assessment and recommendation of maintenance resource requirements and appropriate procurement methods