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Acquiring, developing and owning property assets is a complex business. We take care of all the details so that our clients can focus on improving their organisations.


“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
― Warren Buffett

A thorough understanding of your business needs leads to clearly defined goals, while knowing the market creates greater certainty.

+ Strategic Asset Planning

Planning the configuration of fixed asset investments in a way that best supports your business strategy and optimises capital investment. This service covers all aspects of the asset lifecycle and informs any future service delivery strategies.

We capture and provide the information you need to make informed decisions:

  • Service delivery plan reviews
  • Asset utilisation and performance surveys
  • Value management
  • Asset condition studies
  • Economic appraisal
  • Asset valuation, capitalisation and life costing
  • Demand management
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio and site planning
  • Asset management planning

+ Business Case Development

RDT Pacific’s Business Case Development service provides a structured process for improvement that serves as an investment decision making tool.


  • A compelling argument as to why a project is required and what the product or service is going to be
  • Clear articulation of the problem to be solved, the options available, how the preferred option will be implemented and the benefits the organisation will receive from the investment
  • A robust analysis of the Return on Investment or Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Structured and recognised processes for arriving at the decision to invest
  • Our Service
    Our Business Case Development services are aligned with the New Zealand Treasury’s Better Business Case (BBC) process assisted by our staff who are qualified BBC practitioners.

    Rather than apply a “one-size fits all approach” we work with our clients to understand the drivers behind investing and then recommend the best method of presenting the investment argument. We’ve applied this approach across a range of cases from significant social infrastructure projects to small private sector commercial investments.

+ Project Feasibility & Property Analysis

We objectively assess the costs of a project, to provide an accurate, practical decision-making tool to assess the viability of a property investment. This service establishes a management process that’s responsive to all the potential influences of the property’s performance.


  • Considers the current and future economic and market conditions
  • Creates a structure that insulates the project from uncontrollable conditions
  • Provides an accurate analysis that’s both pragmatic and timely
  • Stakeholders are committed to maintaining the quality of the investment

Our Service

  • Prepares the framework necessary to establish a comprehensive and accurate analysis
  • Provides a management structure committed to maintaining the quality of the investment
  • Establishes a management process that responds to the potential influences of the property’s performance

+ Technical Due Diligence

A property assessment reveals key information affecting the economic viability of an investment, for purchase or sale, as well as ongoing property ownership. This enables you to weigh possible risks against potential benefits, assess maintenance standards and the need for repairs or replacement.

We will recommend the right level of assessment, depending on the property/asset situation.

  • Indicative – a ‘walk-through’ inspection to review key issues. Our report summarises observable building performance and identifies significant deficiencies.
  • Investigative – in-depth inspection by specialist consultants to provide a detailed overview of the property, physical measurements and summaries of technical findings, costs implications and rating against objective criteria, along with photographic records.

+ Procurement Advice

Our Procurement Advice service comprises the development of an appropriate strategy or method that suits our client’s specific risk management strategies.
This service is guided by the following principles:

  • Selecting of strategy or method of procurement which is fiscally responsible and transparent
  • Ensuring best value is provided for our client and the project
  • That the best value may not always be the lowest cost or highest price offered and may take into account matters such as quality and time
  • The strategy or method adopted must strongly align with the project and client’s risk profile


  • Provides a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities of project participants
  • Appropriately allocates risk
  • Supports the development project’s specific risk management procedures
  • Removal of exposure to inappropriate contracts
  • Mitigates the potential for disputes


  • Project criteria and constraints review
  • Procurement method selection
  • Determination of roles and selection of consultants
  • Contractual risk identification, analysis and allocation
  • Development of conditions of contract
  • Risk management procedure development
  • Management of legal sign-off process
  • Independent peer review reports