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Serving A New Christchurch

A consummate professional, he constantly strives to lift himself and his business above his competitors. And all this despite the tragedy of losing his son, restaurant and home in the February 2011 Earthquake.

But Pedro has risen above it, determined to get back on his feet and share his signature dish with Christchurch once again. He recently opened a shop, and like many businesses in Christchurch, is operating out of a container and sharing space in the car park of another local business less devastated by the aftermath. His resurrection has been so successful, you have to book a meal well in advance and he is continually selling out. I know this because I am a regular client of Pedro’s!

So why am I telling you this story? Well, although I can’t appreciate the personal and financial drama Pedro has experienced, I like to make comparisons between him and our company.

Firstly, RDT Pacific has also resurrected itself in Christchurch recently. Like many others, we are also currently operating out of shared facilities with an old ‘friend’ Fujitsu, which has been operating in Christchurch for more than 50 years. RDT Pacific itself had offices in Christchurch from 1943 until 2003 when, like Pedro, circumstances meant we had to close shop. At one point, we were also giants in our profession being arguably the most significant Quantity Surveying company in Christchurch, which was certainly our largest office. We were known as Russell Drysdale and Thomas then, but like Pedro we too have developed our signature dish – Project Management – under the name of RDT Pacific, although we continue to offer Quantity Surveying as a side or a main!

If Pedro was to understand our business like I appreciate good food, he would note how we have strived to excel in our field also, where we enjoy enduring relationships with our clients and are on numerous Government supplier panels.

Pedro’s story reflects one of our main drivers too, and for me personally, for coming to Christchurch. It’s to help rebuild the lives and fortunes of the Cantabrians displaced or affected by the quake. I continually observe the resilience of everyone in Christchurch; their strength of character to stand up, look forward and make their city bigger and better than before. The blueprint for redeveloping the City Centre is a great springboard. I am pleased to see this is treated as a ‘guide’ only for development and the City Planners are prepared to consider any proposal that has a sound business strategy behind it.

As Managing Director of RDT Pacific, my move to Canterbury is to make a very clear statement to Christchurch, and everyone else, that RDT Pacific plans to be as strong, resilient and ultimately as famous locally as Pedro. We are already engaged on various projects in and around Christchurch and intend to bring all our skills to the fore, not only in our core disciplines of Project Management and Quantity Surveying, but also in Strategic Asset Planning, Business Case Development, Project Feasibility and Property Analysis.

We have built a team of experts in their respective fields and we will deliver excellent results in all our business disciplines. I like to think of our team in Christchurch as craftspeople, making great results that ‘fall off the bone’….. just like Pedro’s lamb!

Bon appétit!!