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Relook and Reset Projects

Since the lockdown a question that has arisen several times has been “how do we deal with our partly developed building that we may no longer need (in its current form)”.

So many parts have the environment have changed and the conventional wisdom is that it’ll not come back, or may take some time to do so, that well-considered projects risk becoming white elephants.

Whilst buildings are fundamentally inflexible, many of them are more adaptable than might be imagined, and can be made more so if certain planning rules are followed.

In the face of all the uncertainty confronting us, we believe that, hard as it may be, it’s better to meet that challenge head-on.

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The past week has delivered a week like no other for those of us concerned with planning and delivering great projects.

RDT Pacific has been asked for our opinion on a range of aspects by a large number of our clients and colleagues looking for a way forward.

We have decided to collect the most common themes together and make them available to anyone who may benefit from them; we would be happy to hear from you if you disagree or are seeing something different to us.

Between us we are dealing with projects at all stages, from the proverbial ‘twinkle in someone’s eye’, through planning, construction, completion & operationalising to operation of the asset for long-term benefit. So, one prescription is not going to fit all situations, but some themes have emerged. We have collected them in three documents.

Protecting Your Projects

Projects under construction that may be stopped (or slowed down)

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Looking After Your Project IP & Programme

Projects in planning that you may wish to slow or accelerate

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Construction Industry Scenarios 2020

The Trajectory of Construction in New Zealand

What will we have to work with after the isolation ends?

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