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The First-Ever ‘Connected Construction Site’ in New Zealand!

RDT Pacific is providing Project Management Services for the Wynyard 100 Development. Building One, currently under construction, features seven levels of retail, hospitality, offices and parking with a 154-room Travelodge hotel. The project is based on a constrained, inner-city site, requiring a tightly driven programme to reduce the impact of construction on the public.

Technology is being used on the project to make construction safer, reduce costs, enable real-time decision making and connect all project partners together in one platform covering design and construction to property management.

To create a safer workplace a “digital twin” of the building is hosted by AsBUILT and accessible to all the Wynyard 100 team, from design to supply and project management. 3D cameras provide a live feed of the site mapped on top of the virtual building, incorporating facial and object recognition technology so site managers can see exactly who is working where. On-screen tags immediately flag whether workers aren’t wearing the required safety equipment or are entering hazardous zones, and warn people about potential dangers on their own devices.

This geolocation capability also allows the project team to ensure components are installed in exactly the right location on the 3D map, reducing errors by showing exactly what should go where. Because the whole supply chain is connected to the system, team members can also order plant equipment such as cranes and goods lifts or components whenever they’re required, saving paperwork and downtime.

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