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Melanie Parry

Melanie Parry

Melanie is a construction professional with experience delivering complex projects in both New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. She has gained extensive experience working as an Architect and as a Design & Project Manager working both client side and as a professional consultant.

Her key skills are in managing and refining project processes and in ensuring the successful delivery of quality projects in line with the key project goals.

Melanie has worked in a range of project structures both in NZ and in the UK which makes her adaptable to different situations. She has very strong planning and organisational skills which allows her to ensure projects are run efficiently and effectively.


Melanie has worked on a range of project scales and has valuable experience in working within complex project structures.

Her experience runs across the full life cycle of projects from the initial feasibility and concept design stages through to detailed design, construction management, and overall project delivery.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • Bachelor of Building Science, Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Bachelor of Architecture with Honours, Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Registered as an Architect by the New Zealand Registered Architects Board in 2001. Now registered as a former Architect.
  • Site Safety Passport