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BNZ (Bank of New Zealand Properties Limited)






  • Cost Management / Quantity Surveying

RDT Pacific provided Cost Management/Quantity Surveying Services for 1 Victoria Street (Ricoh House), one of three fit-outs undertaken over a two year period for BNZ, which includes a new world-class Partners Centre.

Following the November 2016 Wellington earthquake, BNZ needed to relocate circa 1600 staff from a quake-damaged property. Initially, teams were displaced into temporary accommodation across 8 locations, allowing time to review available options, keep the business running, and ensure the correct decision was made in relation to the most appropriate location for the longer term.

Following the completion of the feasibility process where high level $/m² costs were allocated to each available option, along with consideration of other factors such as location, current level of building fitout and flexibility for the incorporation of the new vision of a flexible workplace for all, the decision was made that three locations across the Wellington CBD were the most suitable option.

The Partners Centre is situated across two levels; space provides a mix of flexible working zones, meeting rooms, networking and co-working spaces, self-service kiosks, with a concierge providing onsite support and service.

The new centre includes multiple areas for conversations and collaboration such as ‘The Hive’ for coffee and networking, ‘Cuba Cuba’ for co-working, and a larger space named ‘The Lookout’ for workshops and events. It’s not just the innovative approach to space that sets this Partners Centre apart, key digital features such as a wall of curved screens and extensive in-room technology options all play a part in providing a space for BNZ customers to thrive.

Cost Management/Quantity Surveying Services provided throughout the project by RDT Pacific have included high-level estimates for the feasibility options to agreement of the final costs, tendering, contract agreement and day to day management of variations and financial reporting.