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Alpine Energy


December 2017




  • Project Management

This purpose-built facility has been designed as a quality, energy efficient office building with superior seismic performance. It marks a significant investment for Alpine Energy and the start of a new and modern way of working.

The building’s key features include its’ ‘welcoming entrance hall, room for community meetings and the eco-friendly building standards that were incorporated.

Alpine House was designed, and purpose-built as a functional and flexible space for the team. It was planned and built over an 18-month period, meeting and in most cases exceeding seismic and energy efficiency requirements, with high ceilings and open spaces providing the flexibility for the future but also add a volume of space to promote discussion and connectivity.

The project team has done a remarkable job factoring in some very specific technical requirements, while creating a welcoming feel through the use of open, shared space and ergonomics, ensuring our staff work in a comfortable, efficient environment.

The $12m building was completed on budget and to specific time requirements, to a Level 4 seismic resilience, standards reserved for critical post-disaster infrastructure.

The team from RDT Pacific were totally professional, responsive to our needs and forthcoming with options to add value and maximise savings throughout the project.
This was a complex project and we were impressed with the way RDT was able to assist us with the management of the Design and Build Contract. In particular the coordination of the various stakeholders and the ‘solution orientation’ approach to assisting the contractor demonstrated by RDT Pacific was one of the key reasons for the very successful outcome that was achieved.
Andrew Tombs, Alpine Energy Chief Executive