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Ministry of Justice






  • Project Management

The Auckland High Court, opened in 1868, is the largest and most utilised High Court in New Zealand. The lease expiry of the Court of Appeal Hearing Centre presented an opportunity for the Ministry to consolidate their property footprint by incorporating the Centre in the Auckland High Court.

The project was carried out in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Combining the Civil and Criminal High Court Registries (offices) which freed up space.

Stage 2: Creating a new Civil Courtroom in place of the old Criminal Registry.

Stage 3: Relocating the Court of Appeal Hearing Centre into the historic part of the Auckland High Court. The scope of work included repurposing the existing Civil Court as a Court of Appeal, creating eight new Judge’s Chambers with supporting Associate space, a Common Room/Library, upgrading the kitchenette and refurbishing adjacent offices and circulation spaces.

RDT Pacific collaborated closely with an independent Heritage Consultant and Heritage New Zealand to ensure the historic heritage of the original building was maintained.

All works were carried out while the building was fully operational, requiring meticulous management of noise restrictions and health and safety and security requirements. It was important to the Ministry that ‘business as usual’ was maintained at all times.

The project was an overall success as demonstrated by the following comments made at the Lessons Learned Workshop:

“Communication was very good and I felt I was appropriately consulted and advised most of the time.”

“Stakeholder engagement was generally very well managed.”

“The project was a great example of how a diverse team of consultants can come together to deliver a project with the challenge to start-on-site prior to Xmas. I loved the response ‘it will be challenging, but we will give it a go’ ….. and they delivered.”

“I am very happy with the new arrangements. It is a wonderful place to work and the feeling of history is palpable in these lovely old spaces.  Has the restoration been put up for an award, do you know?  I would have thought it should be.”

– Justice Cooper