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Goodman Property Trust






  • Project Management

The scope was to deliver a; multi-story office, freezer, chiller, ELA, and yard for Big Chill with the ability to expand the chiller and freezer in the future with minimal construction disruption to the existing facility.

The design was focused in a three-part process that was all interrelated; enabling works, main build, future expansion provision. Throughout the design process continual liaison Big Chill occurred ensuring their needs were meet and that Goodman’s requirements were achieved as the building owner.

The Construction phase was split into two phases; enabling package and main contract. This was to assist with the fast-paced construction programme set to ensure the customer Big Chill were able to move into the facility as early as possible.

The delivery of the main facility was programmed so that the freezer (being one of the critical items) was part of the contract scope and when Practical Completion was issued Big Chill would be able to walk into a building that is fully functioning. This was achieved as the fit-out portion of the works were integrated with the main construction of the facility.

Part of the delivery included having Big Chill contractors, the enabling contractor, and the main contractor on site at once. They all coordinated to achieve the desired outcome for Big Chill and Goodman.

Early engagement with the specialist contractors also occurred to ensure the details were correct and to minimise re-design during the shop drawing process.