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Goodman Property Trust






  • Project Management

The scope was for Macrennie to design and build the commercial office building including basement carpark to tie into the existing podium and ‘The Crossing’ development previously completed by Goodman Property in a prominent location on Highbrook Drive. Key areas for consideration was the effect that the building had in terms of visual impact and ensuring the building tied into the existing buildings at ‘The Crossing’ and that the visual from Highbrook Drive was of the highest quality.

The project was procured on the design and build model with the baseline project model being a similar project Goodman had earlier finished in conjunction with RDT Pacific in early 2015. The selected contractor – Macrennie, had worked with Goodman and RDT Pacific on the baseline project. From the commencement of the project, the expectations were set in terms of delivery and finish quality. The biggest challenge for the project was the front façade as its location made it very visible to all passers-by and was had specific requirements set out in the brief. Achieving the desired outcome of the precast concrete façade on the building was challenging as ensuring the quality was consistent throughout the precast facade was of the up-most priority.