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Hilton Food Group






  • Project Management

Hilton Foods Group is expanding its business in New Zealand as Hilton Foods New Zealand Limited (HFNZ) by building a new meat processing facility to service their existing and newly acquired clients. This facility is the first and largest of its kind in New Zealand.

The building has a ground floor, first floor and mezzanine level, of which are partitioned into various temperature-controlled areas, ranging from a small freezer at -25oC, to the production area at 7oC to the storage are at 1oC. There are other areas held at approximately 18oC. The office area is approximately 1,500m2. The imperviousness of the site has been calculated at approximately 92.5%.

Most of the meat production is done automatically by robotic activity in a process line, supported by various utilities and process gasses.

The level of sophistication of the mechanical and electronic systems that are required to be designed, built and coordinated to make the facility function as intended is unprecedented in NZ. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is being utilised to reduce design errors, clashes and assist in coordination items.