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Ministry of Education






  • Project Management

Following consultation and discussion with the Hingaia Peninsula School Board of Trustees and Ministry of Education, the scope of the project includes the design and construction of new classrooms, a new Special Needs Unit, alteration to existing buildings and associated infrastructure, namely Building 1 extension, Building 7 and Building 8. Site works include new road crossings along School Road and the demolition of the existing vehicular access from Hingaia Road.

Hingaia Peninsula School and the Ministry of Education agreed to extend the school to facilitate this projected growth and accommodate the inclusion of a Special Needs Unit. Hingaia Peninsula School has built a strong reputation for high standards in learning, behaviour, and relationships. The school has a potentially exciting future as a leading Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) school with new curriculum programmes and technology.

The consultant team and school were engaged in the design of this project for many years leading up to confirmation that there was a budget to proceed with construction. Relationships and personal passion of the contractor with the consultant team, client and end stakeholder were key as the current facility remained operational while the construction works were occurring and work progressed with ease when clarifications occurred during the project.

This project was unique as it integrated two schools within the one school ground. The satellite unit is run by Rosehill and therefore involved working with two end stakeholders while ensuring Hingaia Peninsula school were also happy with the overall end result given this influenced how they would develop and utilise their overall school facility.