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Hutt City Council/Urbanplus






  • Project Management

The Events Centre is a terrific new facility for Lower Hutt. It comprises a generous foyer and reception space that provides access into the old Town Hall as well as into the new Events Centre spaces, where the emphasis is on flexibility. The biggest space can be used as one or divided in two for smaller events. Floor-to-ceiling glass on the south side ensures natural light is available for events that can use it.

Downstairs features a café and a series of smaller spaces available for rental. There is flexibility, with partitions that can be opened or closed, depending on the sizes of the events. A commercial kitchen means catering is in-house. This servicing is quite visible at the east end of the building’s street façade at present, although it’s nothing a bit more planting or screening could not hide.

The project succeeds at many levels. Old meets new in interesting ways. The form and massing of the old Town Hall and Administration Building are retained to an extent that people can still feel as though they have two out of their three old buildings, even though they have been subject to a substantial amount of work.

The Events Centre is a positive addition to the city. Lower Hutt has a civic centre that retains its mid-20th-century form and image, while also being forward-looking and fit for a broad range of 21st-century purposes.

“RDT Pacific have added significant value to the high-level project thinking and detailed design concepts.  They have assembled a dedicated and professional team of supporting specialists to guide and advise the project steering group through the myriad of issues to seismically upgrade the historic 1950’s administration building.  The team has worked hard, we have had some fun, and are currently in delivery mode having analysed options and opportunities and agreed on a final engineering and architectural solution.  It has been challenging, but we have respect for the manner in which RDT Pacific and their staff have managed the project both up the management hierarchy and down to the main contractor level.  It has been a pleasure working with them, and we are looking forward to delivery of a stronger, essentially new building.”

Gary Nichols, Chief Executive, UrbanPlus Limited