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Housing New Zealand Corporation






  • Project Management

This project represents the ingenious delivery of a partial service for Housing New Zealand within a tight budget and programme. The design – efficient, economical and textured – see duplex units slid back to include parking, which has allowed a reduction of scale and the provision of shared spaces. Higher than standard ceilings, and the architect’s close attention to proportions, have resulted in living spaces that feel generously sized.

The Jennings Jersey development represents the best of contemporary state housing. It incorporates Housing New Zealand’s best practice approach to redevelopment, with innovative site planning and design values, and a significant investment in critical stormwater infrastructure for the benefit of the wider community.

Once there were eight old-fashioned two-bedroom houses from the 1940s set in a cul de sac in Mt Albert. They made way for 18 modern, dry and healthy homes. Replacing eight old houses with 18 modern state homes means the location can comfortably accommodate 90 residents, triple the number the site once housed, both now and for decades to come. Care needed to be taken so the increased density fit seamlessly into the local area.

These attractive new homes help change the perception of what state housing can be, as well as providing quality accommodation for those who need it.