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Ministry of Education






  • Project Management

Linwood College is part of the Christchurch Schools Rebuild (CSR) Programme. The confirmed scope of the project is a full re-build of the college post demolition of all existing buildings on a brownfield site.

The school will be fully decanted off-site for the duration of the re-build and the project is to be completed in a single stage (demolition of the buildings and construction of the new buildings).

Scope includes the below:

  • Demolition of all existing buildings on site including the removal of asbestos and any other contaminated materials from all existing buildings in accordance with the demolition specifications.
  • Make good areas of demolition that will not have a building constructed in its place in accordance with the approved landscape plans.
  • Treatment and/or removal of contaminated soil from the site before construction commencement.
  • Construction of new teaching and non-teaching spaces in accordance with the approved/consented documentations.
  • Construction of a new Kimihia Teen Parent Unit.
  • Construction of a new licensable Early Childhood Education Facility.

RDT Pacific is currently engaged as the external Project Managers and Engineer to the Contract on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

RDT Pacific is currently providing a full suite of services including governance to the extensive stakeholder consultation process with the school, Board of Trustees and Ministry of Education representatives from the Master Planning and early design stages.