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Sexton Apartments Ltd






  • Project Management

The complex consists of 2 separate steel frame buildings (four and 12 storeys respectively) connected with three levels of car parking beneath. The complex includes both residential apartments and retail units with a lobby area.

The construction process featured a top-down construction, where the main structure was built while the basements were being excavated at the same time.

Up Down Construction methodology was used to construct the structure. Once the perimeter piles and the plunged columns were installed, the site was excavated to just below the ground level slab, and the ground level slab constructed over the rear two-thirds of the site. Once this had cured then underneath it was excavated out to allow construction of a basement slab. These slabs were cast on power-floated and waxed site concrete. Shotcrete works to the perimeter walls were carried out as excavation proceeded.

Excavation could then proceed down to basement level in a benched arrangement, with excavators passing up spoil material to the front of the site. The rear half of the basement was then poured.

The tower crane was erected sitting on a large purpose-made steel structure sitting over four of the plunged columns. This allowed work to start on the above ground building structure at the rear of the site.

The ground level slab to the front of the site was poured with a temporary void. Excavation and slab construction proceeded to the front of the site in the same sequence as the rear, using the void to crane out the material on purpose-made large skips directly into trucks.