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New Zealand Police


1999 - 2012




  • Strategic Asset Planning

RDT Pacific has developed strategic property plans at the District, regional and national level for New Zealand Police over a number of years.

The NZ Police property portfolio comprises a wide range of sites areas throughout the country. This review encompassed more than 800 sites with a total floor area of 350,000m2.

Engagements have included on-site visits of properties throughout the regions with each property reviewed to provide a strategy for the next 20 years. Properties were prioritised according to condition and current and future ability to support Police operations. Each review considered included demographics, crime projections, and density of occupation.

Recommendations were given for the implementation of procedures to take the property strategy to the next phase including strategies for global budgets, asset disposal, risk management, funding, and financial implications and a

blueprint for investment. Subsequently, baseline funding to upgrade the portfolio was approved and individual Business Cases prepared for each investment.

Using Value Management techniques, RDT Pacific assisted NZ Police in developing the configuration of the portfolio for each Police district which generally takes a ‘hub and spoke’ approach with major operational stations supported by satellite facilities and smaller community sites. This process included ‘Function Analysis’ exercises and the development of ‘Paired Comparison Matrices’. The workshop ensured buy-in from NZ Police stakeholders and a direct link between service delivery strategies and property solutions.

RDT Pacific’s most recent commission has been the preparation of a Strategic Property Plan for the 2012-2020 period. This considers the adaptation of the existing portfolio to current and future changes in policing methods and the release of capital and operating expenditure from underperforming facilities.