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Justice & Defence

Justice & Defence

We understand the need for balancing service delivery benefits with financial viability and rigor. Where projects require significant funding approval we can develop robust Business Cases consistent with state sector guidelines.

Our approach is designed align the project with the approved Business Case to ensure delivery on time, within budget and to the quality expected and on-track to deliver the expected benefits of the investment.

“We acknowledge that engaging RDT Pacific provides access to a broad range of skill sets which can be applied at various points of the project lifecycle when needed”.
Stuart McKenzie – Manager, Property, Ministry of Justice

“RDT have given sound advice on procurement strategies taking due cognisance of current market conditions. RDT have provided sound cost advice to allow the project team to make informed decisions during concept design. RDT have proactively managed the budget, advising on cost risk and making suggestions regarding savings in order to meet/maintain budget”.
Joseph McGowan, Project Director National Property, NZ Police

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