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Business Case Development


Business Case Development

How we help

RDT Pacific’s Business Case Development service provides a structured process that serves as an investment decision making tool.

This allows the establishment of:

  • A compelling argument as to why an investment is required
  • A clear articulation of the problem to be solved, the options available, how the preferred option will be implemented and the benefits the organisation will receive from the investment
  • A robust analysis of the Return on Investment or Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • A structured and recognised processes for arriving at the decision to invest
  • A method for implementing the investment and measuring the achievement of its objectives

Our Service

Rather than apply a “one-size fits all approach” we work with our clients to understand the drivers behind investing and then recommend the best method of presenting the investment argument. This means that our Business Case Development services can be aligned with the New Zealand Treasury’s Better Business Case (BBC) process or adapted to a more bespoke approach.

We’ve applied this approach across a range of cases from significant social infrastructure projects to small private sector commercial investments.

Features of our service include:

  • Options analysis process
  • Investment Logic Mapping
  • Benefits Realisation Process
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment / Value Tracking
  • Financial Modelling
  • Function Analysis

Extract from the Waikato Times, April 2004 quoting the Minister of Health, Hon Annette King:

Ms. King applauded the board’s Business Case proposal, saying it survived rigorous scrutiny, and the final plan was “excellent”.

“I am impressed that great thought has been given to the way the campus redevelopment at both hospitals reflects the new ways of organising, integrating and delivering services across the region”.