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Development Management


Development Management

How we help

A masterplan is a visioning document, the key tool that can make a compelling case for participation, funding and investment. It provides an over-arching structure for site development, and a robust framework for urban, rural and industrial renewal.

We are passionate about sustainable land development.

Our Service

Property Advisory

We provide strategic property advisory services during the pre-development and planning stages including:

  • Programme development
  • Risk assessment
  • Key stakeholder consultation incl. Local authority and pre-planning application assessments
  • Concept design management
  • Development of budget management
  • Key consultant procurement and management
  • Feasibility modelling and return analysis
  • Preparation of development brief
  • Site due diligence
  • Procurement of key tenants and/or operators
  • Market research and analysis

Development Auditing

To provide assurance to stakeholders of the effective management and operation of development projects, we are able to provide project auditing and review services to our clients and third parties throughout, focusing on procedures and processes to enable confirmation that these are being managed efficiently and in accordance with required regulations and procedures applicable to development projects.