Project Manager

Jason Wood

Jason is a multi-disciplined sustainability expert with strengths in identifying issues and solving problems. He is naturally wired to think outside the square, invent processes, and learn fast. His entrepreneurial background gives him a hands-on understanding of the complexities of the sustainability space, and what it takes to turn a concept into a commercially-viable reality.

His day-to-day strengths lie in project management, bringing clarity and a can-do attitude to every task; qualities and skills which are transferable across different sectors, with opportunity to utilise these skills and help an organisation reach milestones whilst delivering quality results.

Jason is highly articulate, intelligent and adept at developing business cases, presenting to some of the largest product manufacturers on the globe and securing investment for a pioneering and sustainable product.

Jason’s real passions lie in working with a diverse range of stakeholders, having challenging conversations and driving project teams forward. He is a people person and generates strong working relationships in all situations.



  • Bachelor of Building Science, Project Management & Sustainable Engineering, Victoria University
  • Green Star Accredited Professional