Capital Intelligence

Klu’dup, our Capital Intelligence division, helps get the most out of your capital assets.

We deliver bespoke capital asset solutions to help get the most from your investment

Our team of smart thinkers inspires confidence, combining their capital investment knowledge with asset development experience to utilise assets and optimise performance.

By casting a future lens and considering the way space will be used, and who will use it, we can maximise opportunity and minimise risk.

What we do

We bring a wealth of capital investment experience to unlock the potential of valuable assets and deliver long-term investment strategies:

  • Strategic Asset Planning
  • Portfolio Review
  • Site Master Planning
  • Long Term Investment Panning
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Investment & Business Case Development (Feasibility)
  • Investment Logic Mapping
  • Client Representation
  • Value Improvement Facilitation
  • Logistics and Flow Studies
  • Benefits Realisation Planning and Value Tracking
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis and Contingency Management
  • Asset Management
  • Post Implementation Reviews
  • Post Occupancy Evaluations
  • Change Management
  • Operational Planning
  • Asset Performance Measurement and Improvement Strategies

Much more than asset advice

Asset advice typically starts with the premise that the asset project itself is the best course of action.

When strategically thinking about your business needs, our Capital Intelligence division, klu’dup, starts by focusing on the outcomes your organisation needs to achieve, before defining the optimal asset development or refurbishment work required to achieve it.

We’ve even been known to find solutions that don’t require asset development at all.

Our approach is built on years of hard-won experience in getting the most from large-scale assets. We take a proven evidence-based approach to demonstrate how you can get more from your existing asset portfolio or your planned new asset.

Public Sector

In a government context, this is best described by the Investment Management and Asset Performance (IMAP) requirement that leads to the Investment Confidence Rating (ICR) that governs the ability agencies have to make investment decisions.

Our Capital Intelligence team specialises in these areas. We are experienced in the developing and reviewing strategies to improve performance across the spectrum and we have delivered these services to health, education and core agencies.

Private Sector

Understanding the investment beyond the delivery frame is a key to Return on Investment (ROI) optimisation in the private sector.

While not subject to the same formal requirements as government agencies, the motivation to optimise ROI is the same.

The planning and construction of an asset rightly receives a great deal of focus, but its performance over the longer operating phase will determine success or failure.

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