Sustainability Advisory

RDT Pacific’s sustainability advisory services deliver better long-term outcomes for your projects, people, and the environment.

Sustainability is here for the long-term

Sustainability is no longer aspirational, it is a long-term lens we can apply to all decision-making.

Recognising that sustainability is a vital consideration, we employ a forward-thinking approach to decision-making that leads to better outcomes for people and the environment.

RDT Pacific Sustainability Advisory services are focused on helping our clients redefine their development strategies, incorporating sustainable practices and fostering collaboration to create well-rounded solutions.

We pride ourselves on guiding our clients toward best practices and showcasing the remarkable results that can be achieved through insightful thinking, integration of sustainability, and innovative co-design solutions.

The outcome is a harmonious blend of economic prosperity, social wellbeing, and environmental responsibility, culminating in developments that people are eager to be part of.

Green Star certification services

As a project management partner of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), RDT Pacific shares a commitment to promoting healthier, eco-friendly buildings that adhere to the highest sustainable design and construction standards.

A building or community with Green Star certification has proven it meets best practice sustainable design and build benchmarks.

Green Star is an internationally recognised rating system that delivers independent verification of sustainable outcomes throughout the life cycle of the built environment.

We support NZGBC’s vision by bringing sustainable innovation to the forefront of our industry.

RDT Pacific Green Star Accredited Professionals have the skills to work on projects targeting Green Star and make high-quality submissions as part of the rating. We ensure the entire assessment process is a smooth, cost-effective and rewarding experience for all involved.

We are proud to have been the Project Manager and Green Star Accredited Professional to deliver the first Multiple Building Single Design Certification 6 Green Star in Aotearoa New Zealand.

What we do

Our comprehensive range of services extends from the organizational level to portfolio management and individual buildings, allowing us to provide tailored solutions based on the most effective sustainability approaches.

Governance and strategy

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Best practices benchmarking
  • Materiality assessments
  • Sustainability roadmap development and management
  • Internal engagement
  • Reporting and assurance

Property portfolio

  • Portfolio strategy and performance
  • Portfolio materiality assessment and stakeholder mapping
  • Alignment with building certifications
  • Integrated process to improve sustainability


  • Building certifications: Green Star, WELL, NABERSNZ
  • Feasibility studies
  • Integrative design
  • Life cycle analysis

Case studies


Thoughtful insights

Why sustainability needs a long-term lens

Aotearoa New Zealand Buildings and their construction contribute around 20% of New Zealand’s emissions, so there’s no arguing the need for systemic change, but what does that mean for project managers and developers? And how about tenants?

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Better together – new partnership to shake up sustainable building in NZ

RDT Pacific is now the project management partner for The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), to help shape a more sustainable, healthy built environment for New Zealand.

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