Cost Management / Quantity Surveying

We manage project and lifecycle costs to establish a project’s financial viability and provide greater certainty.

Risk-assessed cost management allows informed decision-making at all stages of the project

RDT Pacific delivers reliable and risk-assessed financial advice, allowing informed decision-making at all stages of the project.

We assess, monitor and manage project and lifecycle costs, to establish a project’s financial viability and provide greater cost certainty.

The application of tools and processes considers the overall development cost – not just the capital applied to the construction of a building or asset.

This allows a broader view of the cost drivers behind the investment.

We apply an evidence-based approach to estimating and cost planning utilising our vast cost library developed over many years of experience.

Why work with us?

Our cost control cycle repeats itself as it moves through each phase

This ensures the management of cost evolves in tandem with the scope of the project. This is supported by a structured cost reporting system focused on providing a real-time assessment of the forecast final cost of each project.

We track the cost of each project against the business case inclusive of all capital and operating expenditure.

What we do

  • Project Feasibility and Property Analysis
  • Whole of Life Cost Modelling
  • Estimating and Cost Planning
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis and Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Tender Procurement Preparation
  • Tender Evaluation and Analysis
  • Contractual Analysis
  • Value Management / Engineering
  • Value Tracking
  • Project Auditing and Client Representation
  • Replacement Cost Insurance Valuations
  • Tax Depreciation Apportionment

Case studies