Hāpai Development Property

Hāpai is a 100% iwi-owned property fund, focused on empowering Māori success in the property sector. When the opportunity to purchase a sizeable piece of industrial real estate in the Bay of Plenty presented itself, Hāpai took steps to explore their options.

Hāpai Development Property engaged RDT Pacific, through our klu’dup – Capital Intelligence advisory team, to conduct an independent due diligence assessment of the site and the proposed development prior to a potential purchase.

The project brief required an assessment of the proposed inland port that comprised a significant component of the plan, and the potential options and success of the land development.

This project required technical due diligence, a market assessment, and a feasibility study and included:

  • a review of technical reports, including planning, engineering, and environmental aspects
  • a detailed market analysis alongside local experts
  • a detailed demand projection analysis of general and specialist industrial property
  • an assessment of local and similar developments to identify critical success factors and develop assessment metrics
  • options, including development, uptake, leasing and sale assumptions
  • detailed feasibility modelling


The final report provided a realistic overview our clients could use to assess the feasibility of the opportunity and was a key factor in Hāpai Development Property’s decision on whether or not to invest in the opportunity.

RDT Pacific’s Capital Intelligence team are uniquely placed within the built industry to offer capital analysis and insights, as well as guidance and advice on capital development.

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