Mānawa Bay, Auckland Airport

A new development at Auckland International Airport aims to deliver New Zealand’s most environmentally sustainable retail building, the Mānawa Bay outlet mall at the Airport Precinct. The project is designed to connect and acknowledge the history of the Mānukau Harbour shoreline, one of the first areas Māori settled in Aotearoa. Partnership with local iwi is a critical success factor for this project, to maintain the natural balance of this coastal ecosystem.

RDT Pacific is supporting Auckland Airport’s goal to deliver New Zealand’s most environmentally sustainable retail building on opening day and ensure it is future-proofed for foreseeable changes over the next decade.

The Mānawa Bay retail project aims to achieve a world-leading 5 Green Star rating and align with Auckland Airport’s overall sustainability strategy.

We have worked closely with Auckland Airport to develop and implement a sustainability framework for the project. The development stage has involved document analysis, research and working sessions with key representatives to review sustainability issues.
Now that the framework is implemented, our focus is to prioritise sustainability topics for Mānawa Bay, report to the project governance group and help build internal capability.


Key workstreams:
Overall programme management

  • Workstream 1: Waste and Decarbonisation
  • Workstream 2: Sustainable Centre Operations
  • Workstream 3: Circularity
  • Workstream 4: Procurement Impact
  • Workstream 5: Restoring site ecosystem
  • Workstream 6: Transportation


Key outcomes

  • New Zealand Green Building Council Green Star Rating 5-star target
  • Site Area 200,000 m²
  • 110 tenancies of which 11 are food and beverage
  • Photovoltaics Array of 4 MW – achieving Net Zero Energy
  • 1,700 car parks, including car parking management

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