Mānuka Health – Project Flow

Mānuka Health is a leading global mānuka honey brand based in Te Awamutu. With the help of around 1.5 billion bees, they produce a premium range of natural health products. The RDT Pacific Capital Intelligence team worked with Mānuka Health to develop a roadmap and an investment plan to enable their growth in a highly competitive market.

When Mānuka Health wanted to instal some new equipment to expand and grow their production facility, they approached RDT Pacific to assist with Project Management. They were ready to embark on a growth programme across the organisation, and after meeting with the RDT team, the brief soon changed. It was agreed that to optimise performance, some due diligence and a business case was needed to identify solutions and ultimately, pave the way for sustainable growth.

Using their experience in Investment Logic Mapping, financial modelling, and benefit analysis, the RDT Capital Intelligence team worked with Mānuka Health to develop the organisation’s broader goals, ambitions and outcomes before defining an optimal asset development solution.

The result was a comprehensive business case for Mānuka Health which outlines a roadmap and an investment plan. The business case gave Mānuka Health a way to optimise efficiency, improve production, boost their competitive position and reset their value proposition for a more sustainable future.

During the implementation of the Project Flow Business Case, Mānuka Health engaged RDT Pacific to investigate and secure construction elements including waste management and specialist contractor procurement.

RDT Pacific’s Capital Intelligence team are uniquely placed within the built industry to offer capital analysis and insights, as well as guidance and advice on capital development.

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