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Toll Group New Zealand




  • Technical Due Diligence

Site Acquisition and Development feasibility – Technical Due Diligence 

Toll Group New Zealand engaged RDT Pacific to provide Technical Due Diligence services for a site in Otahuhu, South Auckland. We conducted an independent Technical Due Diligence overview of the site and proposed development prior to contract signing.  As part of the due diligence process we managed the master planning process as the site needed to accommodate a 3,500sqm office complex and 30,000sqm of warehouse space.

RDT Pacific developed an in-depth understanding of Toll Group’s risk profile utilising facilitated risk workshops. The workshops commenced with risk identification and then focused on mitigation measures and post contract monitoring.

A significant portion of the mitigation measures relied on site investigations which involved RDT Pacific managing a team of Australian and New Zealand consultants.

The Technical Due Diligence process ran for a number of months and resulted in the overarching Technical Due Diligence Report which informed our client’s land purchase.

The robust process driven by RDT Pacific of continually reviewing the risk and incorporating the outcomes from the mitigation measures resulted in the vast quantum of high risk identified being effectively mitigated. All outstanding risks were analysed, and measures established to manage them in the future phases of the development.

The purchase of the site by Toll Group was successfully completed and RDT Pacific are currently managing the delivery of the intermodal logistics facility there.