The RDT Pacific Cost Management team were engaged by N2D3 Properties Limited to provide Bank Funding Quantity Surveying services for the construction of Gaia (Earth) Preschool New Zealand, in Manurewa, Auckland, operated by Chrysalis Group Ltd.
Laura and the RDT Pacific QS team came into the project at the Detailed Design stage to provide a level of cost certainty around the proposed design. They integrated seamlessly with the project team.
During construction, we encountered some unprecedented cost challenges due to the constraints of COVID-19 and significant cost increases for timber after the forest fires in Australia. Laura and the team worked with the bank to minimise uncertainty and ensure the project outcomes were met so we were able to open our outstanding facility in mid-2022.
Throughout the Gaia project, the RDT team were accessible, providing valuable advice and problem-solving with a professional approach and in a timely manner.
Their ability to work through a challenging situation, applying commitment, knowledge and out-of-the box thinking is unparalleled and the project was ultimately completed within budget.
We look forward to opportunities for N2D3 Properties Limited and RDT Pacific to work together again in the future.

Dr Darius Singh, FINZ, MInstDFounder / Director

RDT Pacific’s expertise in project management, cost management, and property advisory has helped us unlock value across our portfolio of properties. The RDT Pacific team stands out for their commitment to excellence, delivering not only within budget and on schedule but also providing strategic insights and helping to manage complexity in a way that has been pivotal to our success. Their partnership has been instrumental in enhancing our project delivery and helping to build a resilient and thriving business.

Peter DufaurManaging Director Mayfair Group

RDT Pacific has been a critical partner in our endeavours, consistently demonstrating an exceptional level of project management and advisory expertise. Their ability to foresee and mitigate potential challenges has been vital in optimising our investments across New Zealand’s industrial sector. The team’s proactive approach and deep market insights have significantly contributed to our projects being completed on time, within budget, and with strategic advantages that extend beyond the immediate scope of work. We value RDT Pacific’s role in advancing our portfolio and look forward to continued success with their guidance.

Jarrod MacGregorDirector, Asset Management – City Logistics Co./Mayfair Group

RDT were engaged as Ministry of Education’s ETC and PM to the project. They were reliable, attentive and great to work alongside with. I appreciated their assistance with keeping the project on track and ensuring any issues were mitigated in a timely manner.

Felicia WoodDelivery Manager, Ministry of Education

We enjoyed the energy, insights and professionalism of the RDT team and are very pleased with the outcome of the due diligence report. RDT have experience and skills but most of all, they show a huge amount of respect for te ao Māori.

Shannon Te HuiaPūniu River Care Pou Tāhūhū – Chief Executive

RDT have provided project management services to Auckland Airport including providing project management services to the Hellmann Worldwide Logistics project that is situated in the Landing Business Park. This was a high profile project with a high level of complexity. RDT played a key role in managing this project, most notably through the effective management of multiple stakeholders, which resulted in a very challenging project being delivered very effectively and on programme.

Mark ThomsonGeneral Manager Property, Auckland Airport

Extract from Waikato Times, April 2004) quoting the Minister of Health, Annette King:

Ms King applauded the board’s proposal, saying it survived rigorous scrutiny, and the final plan was “excellent”.

“I am impressed that great thought has been given to the way the campus redevelopment at both hospitals reflects the new ways of organising, integrating and delivering services across the region”.

Waikato and Thames Hospital Redevelopment

Many challenges faced by the team were unique to New Zealand building practice, and those that weren’t, required innovative and collaborative practices across the entire team of consultants. RDT Pacific managed this complex process extremely well, looking always for cost-effective solutions without compromising the architect’s vision.

CNZMDr T.L. Rodney Wilson, Director

The project management skills that RDT Pacific brought to this project, and the team they put in place to support our outputs and business benefits were first class. The building was delivered on time and on programme. This was a highly commendable outcome, and considerable result.

New Zealand Defence ForceMichael C Smith, Project Development Manager

RDT Pacific has added significant value to the high-level project thinking and detailed design concepts. They assembled a dedicated and professional team of supporting specialists to guide and advise the project steering group through the myriad of issues to seismically upgrade the historic 1950’s administration building. The team has worked hard, we’ve had some fun, and are currently in delivery mode having analysed options and opportunities and agreed on a final engineering and architectural solution. It has been challenging, but we have respect for the manner in which RDT Pacific and their staff have managed the project both up the management hierarchy and down to the main contractor level. It has been a pleasure working with them, and we are looking forward to delivery of a stronger, essentially new building.

UrbanPlus LimitedGary Nichols, Chief Executive