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Klu’dup acts where capital investments meet business, ensuring that the investment delivers the return that the business seeks and integrates with the minimum of disruption.


Some of the services that klu’dup delivers include:

  • Technical due diligence for site selection
  • Investment case (feasibility) development – including Investment Logic Mapping
  • Client representation (dealing with a design and construction industry that can be opaque to those who are not inducted into its language and norms)
  • Value improvement facilitation
  • Logistics and flow studies
  • Benefits realisation
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Asset performance measurement (e.g. utilisation, up-time) and improvement strategies

Public Sector

In a government context this is best described by the Investment Management and Asset Performance (IMAP) requirement that leads to the Investment Confidence Rating (ICR) that govern the ability agencies have to make investment decisions.

Klu’dup staff are expert in each of these elements and experienced in the development of, and reviewers of strategies for improving performance across the spectrum. We have delivered these services to the Health, Education and Core Agencies.

The components for assessment of the ICR of an agency are comprised of 5 leading (i.e. planning stage) indicators and 4 lagging indicators focused on actual performance as shown in the table.

Private Sector

Whilst not subject to the same formal requirements as government agencies, the motivation to optimise the ROI that businesses enjoy from their investments is the same.

Clearly, understanding the investment beyond the delivery frame is a key to this optimisation. Whilst the planning and construction of an asset rightly receive a great deal of focus, it is performance over the much longer operating phase that determines the investment’s success or failure.